Celebs in Politics?

Every US Citizen has the right to exercise  their 1st Amendment Right of the Constitution. Lately we have seen multiple celebrities and other high-profile personalities giving their input on specific views whether political, civil, or environmental issues. But is this the ‘smart’ thing to do for their careers? I think Mark Wahlberg says it best.

When you look at it in a broader aspect, it’s the fans that give these celebrities the ultimate dream of living a multi-million dollar lifestyle. Something most of us will never have. It’s people who live paycheck to paycheck or maybe have to scrape by just to get that movie ticket, concert ticket, or new CD. Without the financial support of their fans, they would not be who they are today right?

When celebrities decided to get in front of thousands, if not millions, of people and speak on a personal level of opinion, you can best bet that a portion of their fan base is probably not going to agree with them. The repercussions could cause a decline in sales, boycotting, banning, and/or social disruption and defamation to their character.

My opinion for celebs is to keep on singing, acting, or whatever it is you get paid millions to do and leave the ‘Real World’ problems to those who actually suffer from them.

Leave me a comment below on your thoughts. 

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